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Just a quick step by step guide on how to enable the M3i Zero when you get it.

Enabling the M3i Zero

After following step 1, you can watch this video which will help you understand the process


1. Download this file Here
2. unzip it, and drag that 1 file (F_CORE.DAT, its the upgrade file), and 1 folder (SYSTEM, its the software the M3 real needs to run on) onto your micro sd card. Make sure the file and folder at in the "ROOT" of the micro sd card, the very top!
3. Put micro sd card into the M3i
4. Put the upgrade cable into the M3i (the shinny side, i.e. the side with the ARROW on it should be facing the BACK of the M3i Zero Per nintendo dsi!)
5. Plug the USB port into your PC, or anything that has a port that will give it power
6. The M3i should blink for about 15~20 seconds. After it stops blinking, your M3i is enabled
7. Unplug the upgrade cable from your PC and M3, and then put your M3i into your DS/DSi, and it should be working
8. You can now delete the file F_CORE.DAT from the Micro SD Sandisk as it will no longer be needed (its only needed to flash your m3i once!)


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