R4 Nintendo 3DS Newest Rom Updated to be able to take larger Kernel Files

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R4i 3ds PER NINTENDO 3ds + 4gbonly € 29,90

It's been a little while coming, and we've been working as hard and as fast as possible to ensure that we can make our R4 3DS Cards the very best cards available for the DS, Espansioni Memoria Nintendo DS i and Nintendo 3DS systems.  As of last week, we have finally completed our upgrade for the R4 3DS RTS with additonal rom space to ensure that we will be able to utilize larger firmware files for future Nintendo 3DS updates, which will be coming up in the next 4-6 weeks time.  This new version of our card will make sure to always be able to be updated.  Naturally, all customers cards will be able to be updated, even the older versions with a trimmed down version of the kernel.  We will of course be working to update all customer cards as well.



While we know this has caused some delays with some shipments for some of our customers, we want all of you to know that any delays caused, are with the best intentions possible, as you will be able to utilize the latest kernel versions, and we can rest easy knowing that we are sending all of our customers a card that is future proof, as opposed to sending a card that could potentially not work as planned, and not have the ability to take the newer updates in the future.  Any customer orders which were delayed are automatically receiving the latest version of the card.  And while this latest version is slightly more expensive, naturally, there will be no additional cost and the upgrade will be free for all of you.


R4i 3ds PER NINTENDO 3ds + 8gb€ 34,90


We want to thank everyone for their tremendous patience, and we hope that by sending you the VERY BEST card, it can make up for the slight delay in the order.   We value and appreciate all of our customers.  And of course, our super flat fee shipping price of only $3.95 applies to all orders - whether you purchase just one R4 Nintendo DS card, or 100 cards.  


Specials and promotions?  You best.  We have those too.  Our Buy 2 Get 1 Free promotion has been so popular, and so well received that we have kept it alive and will continue our special free offers for a limited time. 


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