R4i SDHC Revolution for DS Install Guide

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Installation Guide

(Not required if your purchase was shipped with a MicroSD Card)


Steps :

1 . Format a MicroSD / SDHC Memory Card

There are three common ways to format a Memory Card :

  • Using Windows XP/Vista/7 Format Tool
  • Using Panasonic Memory Card Format Program
  • Using Mac Memory Card Format Tool

Here, we just introduce the most common way – Using Window XP/Vista/7 Format Tool .

Using Windows XP/Vista/7 Format Tool

After inserting the microSD into the card reader, go to My Computer.

b) Right click the drive letter representing the microSD memory card.

c) Choose Format

d) Click Start to format the memory card in FAT32

Card Setup Guide

1. Download the relevant kernel for your console from our downloads page.


2. Unzip/Unrar the file you downloaded (using Winrar, Winzip or Windows built in extraction utility) on your PC.

2a. Winrar can be downloaded from www.download.com by searching for Winrar in the  Search box.

2b. Once extracted you should you should see the folders similar to the image below:

3. Select all the files and copy them to the microSD memory card, overwriting any exisitng files if you are upgrading .


4.Copy your own files, including music, movies, pictures and other data to the Micro SD/SDHC memory card (it is recommended that you do not place you game files / .NDS files in subfolders as they may not be recognised, instead they should be placed in the root of the folder you see below).

5.You will see the WARNING – HEALTH AND SAFETY message. Touch the touch screen or press button A to continue.

6.Wait for the R4 SDHC to load.


7.Congratulation if you have come this far as you have successfully set up your R4 SDHC card . There you go. Enjoy your DS with the multimedia functions.


8.Touch the “Game” icon to start playing Games.

9. Touch the “multimedia” icon ,and then choose “Music” to listen to music or choose ” Picture” to view Pictures.

10. If the screen is stuck with the ‘Loading’ message, it is probably due to the wrong kernel being loaded onto the MicroSD. Please ensure you have selected the right file from our downloads page.


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