Where is it safe to buy R4, R4i and R4 3DS Cards

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The best places to buy R4i Cards and R4 Cards

R4itt-3ds.JPGBuying a quality R4 DS card has become notoriously difficult with so many imitations on the market along with units being made at varying qualities depending on which factory produced them. With no high street retail companies selling R4 cards, it’s a matter of luck for most whether or not they get a working unit or one that refuses to start up.


We understand that it is not an easy process buying the right R4 3DS card or finding a reputable retailer to buy from so we have done the leg work and research for you. People have asked us many times, where the best place is to buy genuine R4 cards from! After thoroughly researching many different suppliers we now always use the same store when buying these R4 cards. This store has really quick delivery, we have always received our items in a few days of ordering! Unlike many of the other sites out there these guys are NOT China based so you dont have to wait a ridiculously long time and you will always get your product! The site is www.elektronichouse.com.


We constantly receive requests from R4 websites to be listed on this page, but most are not worthy of a mention!  As you can imagine we have tested alot of R4 cards over the years and we have purchased from many different companies.  At present the only online retailer that we have had a great, consistently good, experience with is  elektronichouse.com,


R4i 3ds PER NINTENDO 3ds

If you check the R4 forums you will find that a lot of people end up buying R4i cards from random websites and have lots and lots of problems.  It is very important that the place you buy from has at least some form of after sales support, we have found that elektronichouse has an exceptional after sales support.


We cannot recommned this R4 store highly enough if you want a HASSLE FREE R4i 3DS Cards purchase!


http://www.elektronichouse.com/ is an online shop to sell R4 DS,R4i, Modifica Nintendo. we will try our best to control the products shipped in good quality to our customer.Free Shipping R4,R4i to Worldwide, Drop Shipping On Everything.


tick.png Ships Worldwide

tick.png Genuine Cards

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