Samsung keeps “Home” button on Galaxy S3, opts for 5 column Note like UX

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Tired of all those Samsung Galaxy S3 rumors? Sorry, but there’s no help for it.

By not announcing its next generation flagship at Mobile World Congress, and managing to keep the real designs from leaking even during the carrier testing phase, Samsung made a smart bet, that is paying off handsomely. The frenzy and speculation about Galaxy S3 are now reaching iPhonesque proportions. And if those pre-order numbers are correct – the actual sales of the device will be huge, too.

So here’s the latest batch of rumors about what’s happening with Samsung Galaxy S3.

According to Korean Digital Daily, at the last moment Samsung has decided to keep the physical “Home” button on S3. And it will now go with a 5 column Note like UI layout, compared to the 4 columns we have on Galaxy Nexus and other Android flagships.

The “Home” button issue, apparently, was hotly deliberated and contested inside Samsung. Some wanted to go with a completely buttonless Galaxy Nexus like design, others fought for a single big “Home” button like on Galaxy Note. It was almost a draw but, at the very last moment before the phone went into production – the “Home” button camp prevailed.

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Oh – and about keeping the Galaxy S3 design secret for so long, even while the phone is undergoing carrier tests? This ET News article seems to shed some light on how they managed to do that.

It seems that Samsung supplied each carrier with a single rectangular box, with all the S3 software&electronics inside, and accessible for testing. But made it so, that carriers had no way to see the exterior design.

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