Nintendo 3DS vs Sony PS Vita: Handheld Gaming Prizefight

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Nintendo 3d

Nintendo and Sony square off in a battle to see which has the best dedicated handheld game system (sorry, Apple, you're sitting this one out)


While some think that Apple has run away with the mobile gaming market, Sony and Nintendo are boldly holding on to their gaming franchises with reinventions of their hardware.


The Nintendo 3DS, which debuted last year, is an improvement in terms of graphics from its Nintendo DS predecessor, but time has not been kind to Nintendo's hold of the casual games market--and, glasses-free 3D has been a gimmick, at best. Still, with Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart plus a price drop, the 3DS is on a rebound.


Meanwhile, the newly released PlayStation Vita has superior graphics and hardware, and seems set to claim the crown from Nintendo. Are its games up to snuff, though, and is its higher price justified? Based on what we've seen so far, the Vita is a beast of a machine with an impressive set of launch titles.


PlayStation 3 Break PS3only € 29,99


Will Sony run away with this Prizefight, or does Nintendo have a few tricks up its sleeve? Will it be Mario, or Nathan Drake, who pulls the knockout punch? Scott Stein, Jeff Bakalar, and Brian Tong sound off and pick a winner in this gaming throwdown. To find out what happened, watch the video above.


Let the Prizefight begin!


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